Christmas 2

Writing about Christmas in March? Well, just saying it was a very busy winter (more later). But I can’t resist adding this pic to the blog– good times with the “fam” all decked out in the monogrammed sweatshirts Ani and Laurel gifted to us– ala 1985 matching family sweatshirts. It was a marvelous, memorable week together. So here are my “Top ten Christmas together memories”:

#1. Micah, Jodi and the girls arrive at LAX! On the way home Charlotte shows me her “funny face.” Hillarious! And we spend the afternoon snapping pics of girls throwing leaves in the backyard. They’re really here!
#2. Micah, Charlotte & I spend a day picking up a visa– and eating pralines at Olvera Street, drinking tea in Chinatown while we wait. good talk time.
#3. Everyone arrives and we have our first dinner together. Charlotte helps me make the salad while the butternut squash lasagne bakes in the oven. A joy to set all those plates around the table. Nothing could be better than that.
#4. Tuesday morning everyone got polished up to have our photo taken together in the park (Thanks Laurel for the great Christmas gift!). Bright day & pretty faces…
#5. Bridal shower for Ani at Aunt Kathi’s– the interview with Brian on the computer was a hit! Fun to all be together.
#6. Aaron and Jessica brought home a “Settlers of Catan” game– great fun-especially the time I won!
#7. Evening walk with Jodi and Maryann bundled up in her stroller. We took pics of Christmas lights and talked about their plans ahead… Very dear for me.
#8. Tri tip lunch celebrating with Gr. Honey, Gr Stu and my lovable mom. The table was full and Larry read the Christmas story and lighted the advent wreath.
#9. Christmas Eve Service. Caroles that I love and my kids and the Grs. in the pew with me. What could be better?
#10. Christmas breakfast together–waffles with Cranberry topping, ham and lots of goodies. All together in different stages of wakefulness. Larry took a great video around the table and Maryann and Charlotte kept us entertained.
#11. (I know I said top ten, but I couldn’t narrow it down more!) Aaron and Jessica made us all a yumptious brunch– egg/bacon/cheese/avocado breakfast sandwiches. So fun to watch them working together in the kitchen.
That’s it. It was a warm and wonderful houseful. I won’t forget it. When will be all be together for Christmas again? God knows when. But my heart is thankful for the time we had together for Christmas this year…

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