Family time in Colorado

Just back from delightful, delectable weekend with Jessica’s family in Colorado. Jessica called it the”family union weekend” since a reunion weekend would depend upon us having been together previously. By any name it was marvelous! So keeping up tradition, I’d like to list my top ten favorites from the weekend at Beaver Creek:

#l. I’ll always have the image in mind of Jessica appearing at the doorway of the house to welcome us all in. The house was surprisingly luxurious, but the best was the warm and wonderful way Jessica settled us all in. That she coordinated so many details to give us the lovely weekend was an amazing gift to us all. Thanks (again!) Jessica & AA.
#2. We sat down to Brian’s marvelous meatballs the first night–yumcious and just right on a cold winter night. But my favorite meals were breakfasts with Brian. Big fun watching him whip up the oversized spinach fritata and talking over meals with his Italian family. I got some great cooking tips!
#3. Larry and I followed Ani, Brian & Laurel out to the hot tub that first evening– A little crazy to sit by the snowy ski trail in the hot bubbling cauldron. Cold noses, but warm conversation… So glad they were able to make the trip!
#4. Big fun to hit the grocery store with Aaron. We came home with three times the items on our list, but the best was talking up and down the mountain in the car– about his new job, the trip to Thailand, the new house… Never can get enough AA time.
#5. I met 3 amazing junior bananograms players–Ethan, Jakob and Tyler!! We had some wild fun. Favorite word– poop! And the flying bath tub game was pretty awesome too.
#6. Puttering in the incredible kitchen (I did feel like a Top Chef, Laurel!) with Karen was good times. We washed few dishes, made soup, salads and got in lots of “mom talk.” Thanks Karen.
#7. Ethan, Tyler and Dave built a great little snowman, but Ethan let me get in on the fun part –putting on the face etc. Afterwards, Jaci and I had a lively photo shoot with ever photogenic Ethan, and of course, the snowman!
#8. It was great to get to meet Jaci and Kristy, Jessica’s warm, friendly sisters. It was fun to watch them be great moms to their kids and hear bits and pieces of their lives in New York.
I’m hoping to get to know them better ahead…
#9. In the mornings I could stand out in the sunshine and watch the skiers pop out of the ski room and slide down the slope to start the trip down the mountain– Everyone was all smiles and obligingly posed for my camera. They gracefully sailed across the snow– seemed a festive start to the day. It made me want to ski (almost).
#10. And I saved the best for last. On Friday evening we traversed the mountain in a oversized sleigh pulled by a intrepid snow cat. Decked in heavy capes and hoods through the icy air, we trundled up to Beanos, a log cabin of a restaurant, that served up 5 elegant courses at 9,025 feet. We talked our way through sweet potato soup, luscious salad, crab/salmon appetizers, buffalo steaks, and beautifully plated desserts. Larry and I sat across from Alfie and Karen and traded stories about younger Aaron and Jessica. Toasts and laughter rounded out the evening. Later sledding down the hill, our guide showed us his new banjo skills under thousands of brilliant stars and Alfie led the sing-along on the “dance bus” as we finally headed home.

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