A Weekend to Remember

There are times in your life so tender and dear that you know you will still remember them when you’re sitting in the old folks home.  And this weekend was one of them.  Micah, Jodi and girls are here from Shanghai for two weeks and then Ani and Brian dropped in for a long weekend– a perfect recipe for good times!  I hate to “over-list” on the blog but here are 6 of my favorites on the weekend:

#1.  We trooped on down to the beach at Corona del Mar.  The baby snoozed in shade of the stroller. Jodi and Micah strolled down the beach. Two girls dug in the sand and squealed as they buried Ani and Brian.  Larry helped with the digging.  I sat and soaked up the sun and felt a heart full of thanks to all be together.

#2.  Sunday morning found us all in our class at church.  Larry has worked in so many pictures of the grand girls into his teaching power points, they were received with literal open arms!  It was a true joy to sit in a row with my kids surrounded by so many people who have prayed for them through the years.

#3.  Our parents had open house and family came from far and wide to eat pie with Micah and Jodi.  Sweet watching the girls run around the yard picking flowers (sorry Helen) with so many “cousins.”  Good to see Micah talk with uncles and aunts, reconnecting a bit after 2 years away.

#4.  Ani and Brian are experts at “aunting” and uncling” the girls– Go Fish, Hide and Seek, computer games, and Lego projects.  I could watch them play all day.

#5.  One morning I woke up to a soft cry of “Grandma Rhonda!”  Larry had gone to work so Charlotte climbed into bed with me and and we read story after story for over an hour to give everyone a little more sleep time.  Sweet.

#6.  My favorite time of day is breakfast with the “fam.”  Baked oatmeal, banana pancakes (recipe below).  The sun is streaming in the windows and it’s a squeeze to get us all around the smallish kitchen table. People straggle in as they wake up.  The day is fresh, so much ahead.  I love the flipping pancake part– while I listen to the talk at the table.  It’s the best!

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