AA and J’s Wonderful Wedding Weekend –part 2

The barat is a custom that Aaron and Jessica brought back from a friend’s wedding in India.  A marching band led the revelry, followed by Aaron in a 1970’s Jaguar and all the wedding guests.  We followed the path to the wedding site and along the way his groomsmen would coax him out of the car to dance to the band while we all cheered and sang along. A lot of crazy fun leading up to the ceremony.

As the sun dropped behind the hills, we sat waiting for Jessica to appear with her father, Alfie.  And the wedding began.  The ceremony was led by their friend Chris Cox, offering warmhearted and at times humorous words layered with a whole lot of wisdom.  Aaron and Jessica just seemed so darn happy.  It infected us all. They did it!  They’re married, and we are so, so glad for them.

A New Orleans jazz band set the tone for the rest of the evening.  The newlyweds danced and we joined in a bit.  Tender talks were given to AA & J by parents and her sister Jaci.  We wandered outdoors for the line of up food carts– cupcake lasagna, vegie fries, tiny sliders, the fish taco man, mini donuts fresh off the conveyer belt, homemade ice cream, the cappuccino guy…  And in the end we soaked in the hot tub with all our kids until almost 1:00.

So it was a weekend we’ll never forget.  All those serendipities–beautiful food, lazing in the pool, our nightly cookies & milk, false eyelashes galore…  But mostly we loved the time with our parents, our kids and the chance to get to know Jessica’s family as well.  There were good chats with Aaron through the weekend, but the sweetest moment for me was when I dropped off a little gift to Jessica, a mirror that had been my Grandmother’s in the 30’s.  Jessica gave me the warmest, sweetest thank you.  It’s a joy to have her in the family.  I’m truly thankful.

AA & J at the Ace Hotel  15 October 2011

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