Aaron and Jessica’s Wonderful Wedding Weekend


Here they are, just married, Aaron and Jessica.  We celebrated the weekend through in grand AA & J style– 4 lovely days of memorable conversations, celebrating the bride and groom, a little crazy dancing, a lot of pool splashing, beautiful food together and, of course, a wonderful wedding.  I can just try to describe it…

We turned out in our “bow tied best” on Thursday evening for the Bourbon & Bowtie party.  I confess I wasn’t taken with the sip of bourbon I tried, but nibbled myself full of elegant small plates as we chatted with family– Jessica’s and ours and met up with a few of Jessica and Aaron’s friends.

Early the next morning 40 of the wedding guests trekked over an hour into the desert to share blessings, advice and remembrances with Aaron and Jessica at the Blessing Ceremony.  Larry and I took our turn sitting with them in a quiet place to share our hopes and prayers for them, a dear time together.  Then we breakfasted  at the home of a friend there in the coolness of the morning.  Beautiful.

That afternoon we partied by the pool.  Charlotte and I danced in the water to the band on the deck.  Ani worked on her best sun tan ever and Laurel floated with the beach balls in the water.  We all filled up on lunch from the grilling guy and ice cream from the cart served out by two gals in 50’s bathing suits.

On the eve of the wedding the celebration began in earnest.  After a beautiful dinner, warm hearted toasts were follow by a truly funny video of the proposal.  No one laughed harder than J & AA who were seeing it for the first time.  There was some crazy dancing, even 80 year old Grandma Lo was out there “cutting the rug”– the fire ring, the photo man, drinks by the pool.  Great times together.  (continued in the next post…)

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