Two homes


Make two home for thyself, my daughter.  One actual home… and the other a spiritual home which thou are to carry with thee always. – Catherine of Sienna
14th century Dominican nun 

Two homes– I love our small house here under the maple trees, with the green front door, where we make our meals, take our rest.  But I have a true eternal home that is more real and lasting.

In a surprising way, this reminds me of one of my family’s favorite old songs growing up– “This World is not my Home.”  We sang it together to my Dad in his last days in the hospital.  He loved that song.

This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through.
My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue.
The angels beckon me, from heaven’s open door.
And I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.

 Two homes.  I love them both.

3 thoughts on “Two homes

  1. Rhonda, I love both your homes! How many times I’ve been blessed with a meal and with rest at your small house with the green front door, under the maple trees!! Thank you so much. Each visit is a foretaste of those joys I long for in Jesus’ eternal home where time will be no more and our worship and love will be complete.

    BTW, The Thankful Heart is the only blog which I read religiously. I am gratefully trying to have such a heart as yours, beloved friend. A blessed Sabbath to you and Larry!

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