Sweet peas

Hi friends– Here they are–sweet peas.  I love these things.  Their genus name is Lathyrus odorous.  And that makes sense.  Their smell is just luscious.  Besides being the prettiest thing you can grow.

My grandmother always had a crop each spring.  I loved to help her cut them.  And I grew them too the first few years we were married.  But when we moved to Spain, in spite of valiant efforts to nurture them in patio pots or 7th floor window boxes, we never had more than a few sad blossoms.  So later when we came to live at 314, I got those seeds in the ground that first year and waited.  When those abundant blossoms appeared week after week, I really felt we had come “home.”

So here’s to fistfuls of sweet peas, fragrant, delicate, delicious!!


2 thoughts on “Sweet peas

  1. Beautiful… would love to have plants growing in my little balcony, but I travel quite a bit so I can’t keep plants that require regular watering and nurturing… These sweet peas are gorgeous

  2. HI Averil– we lived in high rises in Spain for several years and I did a lot of planting pots on balconies for just a bit of garden. Am enjoying you blog– We love Indian food. thanks.

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