Katie and Nathan Get Married!!

Hi friends–  Here they are– Katie, our newly married niece and her Nathan on their wedding day.  It was a warm and wonderful day for the family together, celebrating these two.  God bless and keep you Nathan and Katie in all wonderful years ahead…



Sometimes you go to a wedding and it just seems like the bride and groom are having a whole lot of fun getting married!  Well, that is what you would say about Katie and Nathan all right.  It’s hard to remember a happier bride and groom– from the sweetness of the ceremony to their rollickling walk back up the aisle.

On the dessert table there were treats contributed by all the family.  Grandma Lo’s orange pecan cookies, Katie’s mom’s ginger snaps, her brother’s chocolate coated bacon brownies… I brought plates of mini coconut cupcakes.  Not really a recipe, but cute as can be so I’ll tell you how they’re made.

Just make a white cake mix according to the directions and throw in 1 cup of coconut.  Bake with those cunning little wrappers in mini cupcake pans.  Makes about 70 little cupcakes

Then whip up the frosting with a mixer– Combine 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 cube of butter, 1 box powdered sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla.  Spread on those little cupcakes and sprinkle with more coconut.  Just 2 sweet bites each.  mmmm.

Thanks to my brother Brad for the beautiful photo.

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