My Life in France

Hi there reading friends–  This is the book I packed along for our Paris trip this summer.  A whole lot of eating/cooking inspiration on these pages!  It’s part memoir, part culinary history written by Julia Child with her grand-nephew Alex Prud’homme.

From her first memorable meal in Rouen– Sole Menuniere, perfectly browned in butter with a sprinkle of parsley, Julia falls in love with the people and food of France.  She called it. “the most exciting meal of my life.”

Ever pragmatic yet extravagant, she studies French cuisine and eventually produces the definitive French cookbook for American kitchens, through her great exuberance and dogged determination to test and retest every recipe.  There are records of meals shared with friends across France and a lovely picture of Paul and Julia’s devoted marriage.  More than a book about food, it’s a book about life.  It invokes the sights, smells and tastes of a France from another era.   A worthwhile look into Julia’s life, richly lived.


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