Back to School Books

Hi friends– We’re back to school this week and I’m happy to say I’m spending my days with an adorable roomful of 3rd graders.  They are little beavers, launching into place value, landforms and, of course, reading.  Instead of coffee breaks (who drinks coffee in 3rd grade?), we take book breaks. So in honor of all those readers who are back to school, here are 3 of my “faves.”


Set to the cadence of “It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More,”  this whimsical, chuckle-filled book traces a naughty little painter who paints himself head to toe and in the process manages to paint up the house, in spite of his mom’s attempts to keep things clean.  The rhythm and rhyme and sheer enthusiasm of the quirky protagonist make this book pure joy!



This old classic, Go Dog Go, is a must read aloud for preschoolers and a great first reading book for kindergartners.  It’s chock full basic vocabulary words and moves along quickly from one scenario to another with surprises and gentle humor along the way.  The repetition and pertinent illustration make it super accessible for new readers.  It’s just a lot of fun between 2 covers.

Finally, here is a book I read to my 3rd graders every year right off the bat.  (It helps if you can summon up the Grover voice to read his character!).  And they beg to hear it over and over as the year goes on.  Old Grover is terrified of the Monster at the end of the Book and does everything he can to stop you from reaching that last page– authentically silly– with a heart warming little ending.  It would be sure to be a favorite of any kids you share it with.  (My copy here’s been around for a while– you can barely see the 69 cent price on the cover!)

I realized when I pulled these books off the shelf, that what they have in common is the downright humor that runs through each of them.  If you want some rollicky reading, here it is– 3 of my favorites!


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