Honey Ginger Pork

Hi friends– Wish you could have dropped in for dinner tonight– tried this honey ginger pork recipe.  It was hearty and the sweet sauce was yummy spooned onto the rice we had with it on our plates.

2 pork loin chops
1 tab. olive oil
salt and pepper
1 tab. ginger, minced
2 tab. honey
1 tab. lemon juice
1 tab. soy sauce
1 tsp. cornstarch

Mix the honey, ginger, lemon juice and soy sauce.  Heat the oil in a nonstick pan.  Make sure the pork is well salted and sprinkled with freshly ground pepper.  Quickly brown both sides on high heat.  Then turn the heat down to medium and marinate it frequently with the sauce while you grill it for about 3 or 4 minutes on each side (to about about 145 degrees internal temperature).  Please, don’t over cook it as I’m prone to do!  As it cooks, the sauce will thicken and after you remove the meat, you can thicken it a bit more. Shake the cornstarch in the covered container along with 1/4 cup water and then stir it into the simmering sauce until it thickens and turns a beautiful glistening brown.  Pour it over the pork on your serving dish.  So pretty (and delish).


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