Good Morning Lijang

Green tea in a well seasoned little pot, along with mango juice and “churros.”

Hi all– One morning in Lijang, we set out in search of breakfast and were hailed by a shop owner waving people into his place.  We could see the cook preparing green onion pancakes in the doorway and the stack of Chinese “churros” nearby, so in we went!

We slipped by the griddle of frying green onion pancakes to find a sun drenched table, with a kitten sitting nearby on the window sill to keep us company.

Not exactly health food, but it was oh so yummy, and a quiet start to our day ahead exploring the mountain villages of Yunan…



2 thoughts on “Good Morning Lijang

  1. Hi Jean! Nope, we started our trip staying with my sister and husband who live here near Lijang at the base of the Himalayas (8000 feet) in a beautiful farming village. Then we popped into to ultra modern Shanghai– where my son, his wife Jodi and our 3 fun grand-girls live. They are two different worlds! Where have you traveled?…

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