San Francisco — “Fave Five”

Hey there– We’re back from a lovely, lively weekend in SF with 5 of our kids.  What could be better than that?  It was 3 days on the go and we loved every minute.  So to fill you in, here’s my Top Five:

  .  #1.  After a wondrous stop at Andronico’s market for picnic supplies (I love a good grocery store– mini kiwis?  200 drink options? and the cakes!!), we sped across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands.  We lunched in the shadow of the bridge, hiked along the shoreline toward the lighthouse, climbed an old WWII battlement– on a pristine blue sky day (in San Francisco?!)

  #2.  We met up with Aaron and Jessica for dinner at the stylish AQ restaurant.  The autumn menu was flavorful and beautiful on the plates– and we talked our way through a sumptuous meal, catching up with dear AA & J.  Lots of fun news…

#3.  Saturday we joined Aaron and Jessica for a party at their house–and had the perfect vantage point to watch the sailboats on the bay and the air show rumbling overhead– Blue Angels screeching across the sky– while we sipped our drinks and chatted with friends we’d met at their wedding.  A lovely time.

   .  #4.  Then across the Bay Bridge to cheer on the Cal Bears football team.  A nostalgic walk down Telegraph and across the campus and great fun to sit with Brian’s family and a group of Ani & Brian’s old college friends.  Loved, loved the band, the cheers, the game, the super enthusiastic crowd… And did I mention Cal beat UCLA 43 to 17?!  Go Bears!!

#5.  And for the grand finale–Laurel flew in from Chicago Sunday early.  There’s nothing better than a day with my girls–sitting around the table for lunch (pulled pork with boysenberry coulis and chipotle bar-b-que sauce) and back home to celebrate Laurel’s birthday with her favorite pumpkin dessert and little gifts from the family in Shanghai.

So thank you Ani & Brian, AA &  Jessica, and Laurel too, for giving us such a marvelous, memorable weekend.  It was super!

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