A Walk in the Park

View across Stowe Lake

Hi all–  I’m happily ensconced in Ani and Brian’s pretty home here in San Francisco for the week.  So yesterday, with the sun shining and the weather fair,  I set off north a few blocks for a walk in Golden Gate Park.


Strolling up through the Sunset neighborhood to the park, I picked out my favorite houses along 29th street.

At the park, I plotted my path past Stowe Lake, by the Rose Garden, through the MuseumPlaza…  There were quiet sod paths through forested shade.

Along the edge of the lake, I watched the children feeding ducks and turtles basking in the sun on a log.  Flocks of seagulls rested, floating on the water. And curious squirrels darted across the path.


I ran across two girls from Andalucia (love to eavesdrop when I hear a Spanish accent)  and we chatted for a bit as we ambled down the same path.  Fun to meet them…  And I wound around to the plaza where the DeYoung and Natural History Museums stand.


Through the plaza and past the entrance to the Japanese Garden.  I made my way toward home with the long trudge up Irving–with a quick stop in a little Chinese market for an “It’s It” ice cream bar–crispy oatmeal cookies around a slab of vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate!   (“San Francisco’s tradition since 1928”)– to fortify me for the walk home…  All in all, a fine morning.

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