10 Christmas Moments

IMG_2763.JPGMerry Christmas to you there.  I’m totally swept up into the getting ready for Christmas whirl.  Tree’s up.  But there are presents to wrap, meals to plan, cookies to bake.  I’ve talked with the kids.  Laurel arrives first– the 16th, 11:00 PM at LAX.  Can’t wait!  But in the middle of the hubbub, I want to not miss the sweet moments, the particular happiness, the truth of Christmas.   So here’s 10 Christmas moments I’m hoping to savor (in no special order):

#1.  Setting out our beautiful clay nativity from our days in Spain, along with others from Peru, Israel, Italy, Venezuela…  beautiful figures telling the story.

#2.  Taping a wacky “welcome home” sign on the front door in anticipation of our kids arriving over the next couple days.

#3.  Finishing the trays of sugar cookies an setting them out on the dining table for the frosting to set– remembering bright cookies in other homes from Costa Rica to Dallas to Seville…

#4.  Launching full throttle into “Joy to World” with the choir and orchestra and 1500 other worshippers on a Sunday morning.  It is a joy to sing of his coming!

#5.  Reading Tomie DePaola’s pop-up Christmas story with my third graders.  They love the magical movable pages and I love telling them the story.

#6.  Warm hugs at big family gatherings– on both sides. Catching up with far flung nieces and nephews that have come home for Christmas.  Add in my sis home from China for Christmas, that’s a joy!

#7.  Lighting the candles after the table is ready for a fine, full Christmas Eve meal with my mom, my dear in-laws, Jenon and our kids come home from far and wide.

#8.  Settling in  side by side with our children down the pew for the Christmas Eve service.  Candles and carols, a special joy.

#9.  Opening up the computer to skype with Micah, Jodi and 3 grandgirls in Shangahi– Love those rambunctious, smiley faces!

#10.  Sitting quiet in the morning to reread Luke 2, the story of God’s great mercy sent to us.  I am thankful.


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