The 9 Days of Christmas


Hi all– I know.  You thought it was “The 12 Day of Christmas.”  But it turns out that after our kids head north back to SF, there are 9 lovely, lazy school-less days ahead.  So I’ve got my “9 days of Christmas” to putter and read and fill with pleasant past times.  Here’s my promising plan:

Day #1:  Shop with my sis day.  That means talk, lunch, talk, hit a couple after Christmas sales and talk a bit more.  Perfect.

Day #2.:  Quilt, quilt and more quilting day —  while I watch Downtown Abbey reruns.  I promised my daughter, Ani, I would finish her new quilt by Christmas.  OK, how about by mid January?

Day #3:  Party day– Brunch with Ruth and her buddies–guaranteed good food and lots of laughs.   And New Year’s Eve supper around the table with a few friends.

Day #4:  Blog Day– Read blogs, write entries and pin, pin, pinterest to my heart’s content curled up in a cozy spot with continual mugs of tea.

Day #5:  Clean out cupboards day– I vow to clean out every cupboard in this overloaded house, culminating in a drop off trip to the Goodwill!  This one’s long overdue.

Day #6: Read on the sofa day–starting off with a trip to the library to trundle home a new stack of books and ending with more reading by the fire with Larry when he gets home for the evening.

Day #7:  Work at school day– Get those Santa’s down off the bulletin board, grade a pile of papers and have everything ready for those cute kids’ back to school in January.

Day #8:  Pajama day– Putter around the house in my pajamas, maybe bake, maybe email friends, maybe take a rainy day nap and, of course, more mugs of tea.  Love those lazy days.

Day #9:  Girls’ day out– Every year my sis and I give our mom a schedule for a  big day out for a Christmas gift– all the things she likes to do with her faithful fun buddies (that’s us).

OK, that’s it.  Then it’s back to 3rd grade. I’m ever so thankful for the leisurely 9 days ahead.

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