Sing-along Books for Kids

Hello there–  When I moved up from kindergarten to teach third grade some years back, I thought that my 8 year olds would be too sophisticated to sing-along with my favorite read and sing books.  I was wrong.  We take occasional 5 minute book breaks to refresh before we launch into irregular verbs or long division and these are the books my kids love!  Nothing like a little singing to wake us all up.  So I thought all you out there with kids or grandkids or kid friends might like them too.


This silly song is the hands down favorite.  The poor mother of the story calls in the doctor, the nurse and the lady with the alligator purse after her baby drinks the bath water and comes up ill.  The doctor and the nurse fail to cure him, so it’s up to the lady with the alligator purse!  Pure fun.



This is an old family fave.  We sang it endlessly on road trip vacations.  And this new chuckle inspiring version didn’t let me down.  The pages have cut outs that let you see each new creature the old lady swallows.  There are lots of wacky puns along with a rollicking version of this old song.  A classic sing-along.




Another great kids’ song illustrated by Nadine Westcott (She’s done several of them!) is this version of “Miss Mary Mack.”  It’s the crazy story of an elephant who drops in on the family’s 4th of July picnic and ends of staying thanks to the ingenuity of Miss Mary Mack.  It has loads of repeating rhyme, so it’s easy for little singers to chime in.  Loads of fun.

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