Five Breakfasts with Laurel


Hello there friends–  The lovely thing about traveling with my girl Laurel is that she likes to eat as much as I do.  Here she is savoring tapas our first night in Barcelona, so happy to be back in Spain!!  …But this time I wanted to report on Breakfasts.  We had some good morning feasts on our travels together…


#1. Our favorite meals in Dublin were those homey breakfasts, with pots of tea and hearty scones -One morning we threw caution to the wind and had a full Irish breakfast–current scone, eggs and bangers, a huge savory mushroom, something between bacon and ham and brown Kilkeeny bread that was chock full of wheat oaty grains– sitting at the window on the second floor watching the morning walkers, bikers and buses passing by.

IMG_3782  IMG_3779

#2.  On the Boulevard, around the corner from our tiny Paris hotel, we settled into “La Favorite”– a neighborhood cafe with breakfast eaters lining the sidewalk.  We tucked into the standard morning baguette and butter breakfast and watched the morning unfold on the bustling street in front of us.

IMG_6263    IMG_3938

#3.  It was unplanned, but we ended up in Paris along with Aaron and Jessica (son and dear daughter in law)– We met up for an exquisite breakfast at Laduree and a chance to catch up with them mid-trip for all of us.  It was apricot pastry and pain perdue beautifully served under the frescoed ceiling on elegant silver.  I was charmed!  On the way out Jessica picked out a box of their famous macaroons for us–a Parisian dream come true.

IMG_4406  IMG_4408

#4.  Our sunny Sunday morning breakfast in Utrera, Spain wasn’t notable for the wonderful food.  I loved it so for the sweet wave of nostalgia that washed over me.  This is where Laurel was a toddler and we spent plenty of Sundays here on the town plaza sipping “cola cao” and munching on crunchy “mostachones.”  So many memories of stopping here for afternoons pastries or morning toast with Spanish friends– surrounded by the beauty of buildings centuries old.  It was perfect.

IMG_4635   IMG_4638

#5.  And I must include the much anticipated churros breakfast in Seville.  We ate those things with chocolate as a Sunday morning ritual the years we lived in Spain.  Nothing like the “wooden” churros found here– light and airy with the most tender crunch.  And the chocolate– thick and rich enough to qualify as pudding.  We couldn’t believe we could eat all the churros we ordered.  But we did!

I would love to eat all those breakfasts with Laurel all over again!  Thanks LoKate…


2 thoughts on “Five Breakfasts with Laurel

  1. That is just too much! Beautiful! I am hereby applying for the job as your baggage carrier – I’m quite adept and I’m sure you need one! Let me know when you take your next trip! Aaaaahhhhhhh……………bliss…….

    Anne DeVries

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