Dinner: a Love Story

IMG_8651Hello there– I’m a library girl.  I don’t usually buy full price books, but Dinner: a Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach was irresistible !  I first met up with Jenny on her blog of the same name, where she espouses the joys (and pitfalls) of putting dinner on the table for the family every night.  She’s funny, warm and bright– just the kind of best friend you’d love to share dinner ideas with.

Her book is a combination of my favorite genres, part memoir, part cookbook.  She chronicles her dinners through single eating, as a young married pair and then as the mom of two growing girls.  In fact, she has kept a dinner log of every dinner out of her kitchen for the last 14 years.  That may sound a bit obsessive, but you’ll find her down to earth and full of tips & strategies for feeding toddlers, friends and husbands.  The true value of the book is the wisdom she’s gathered on just how to think about dinner and the people you share it with.  She’s no Martha Stewart and is not above pulling out a frozen pizza for her girls.  And the recipes she includes look intriguing.  I’ve dogeared several pages of dishes to try soon.  There’s also family photos around the house and clever asides that enliven the cooking story.

SO- I’m recommending this one– a warm and inviting call to dinner.  I think you’ll love Jenny’s enthusiasm and honesty– and enjoy her inventive ways of keeping dinner fresh and satisfying.

P.S. –You can find Jenny’s blog at http://www.dinneralovestory.com

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