San Francisco Quilt Delivery


Hi all– Just in from a quick trip to San Francisco to deliver a fresh quilt to Ani and Brian.  The project began back in April when Ani and I went to the cavernous M&L fabric store to pick out the perfect colors for the quilt.  And then the cutting, piecing and stitching began.  It’s oh so relaxing to find myself a snug spot on the couch and quilting away.  It’s sweet to pray for the person I’m stitching up the quilt for.  But mostly I watch endless hours of HGTV or Downton Abbey to keep me company while I sew.

So this week it was done!  I took it to my favorite embroidery guy who stitched a tidy A+B neatly in the corner with his fancy machinery.  And Saturday morning I was off, up the Interstate 5, for San Francisco.  Soon as I arrived, Ani spread it out on the bed and it looks just fine.

IMG_0653  537221_10101806214583303_651222221_n.

Now, I’m thinking about a couple grand-girl quilting projects I’ve been waiting on…


6 thoughts on “San Francisco Quilt Delivery

  1. The quilt is so beautiful, Rhonda. You just amaze me so much. These past months have been so fun for me, reading your posts about your travels or your Christmas eating a scrumptious breakfast in pj’s or wonderful recipes…makes me feel like no time has past, just like we’re keeping updated on one of our monthly, Saturday “Step Class” days. Such precious times teaching the kids or going out and sharing lives with amazing women. I DO hope that we can touch base one of these days when I’m in California.

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