Mushroom Stew–A Lunch in China

IMG_1385Hi friends– Looking through summer photos last night and came upon this memorable lunch in a small village overlooking the Yangtze River.  Our Chinese friend Thomas, loaded us into his little van for a day up higher into the mountains over the Yangtze.  Midday we stopped for our lunch with a view and a big pot of mushroom stew.

IMG_1372We were greeted at the front window by the cook, attending her wok.  Notice the hole under the window for feeding logs into the fire.  The window out the back had views down the hills to the river.

IMG_5790  IMG_1374  IMG_5802Here ‘s a view of the kitchen and one of the ample bags of dried mushrooms ready for the wok.  Once the table was laid, Thomas and his young cousin, fill their rice bowls.

IMG_5797  Pork and Tofu Soup for lunchThomas poured the thermos full of scalding water over the tea leaves and filled our cups.  And after a wait while the stew was being stirred up in the wok, our lunch arrived on the table– mushrooms, tofu and pork– with rice, ginger, and chili spices to add in.

IMG_5796We ate our fill and chatted while we looked out over the rooftops and down to the brown waters of the Yangtze.  It was a lunch I won’t forget.  Thanks Thomas.

3 thoughts on “Mushroom Stew–A Lunch in China

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the great day together. On our way back (in Vancouver right now), I will miss you, but it will be good to see Thomas and our friends in the village.

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