Street Food in Lijiang, China

IMG_1048Food vendor in the open market prepares food with her child in tow.

Hi there–  I’m of a mind that on vacation, you should eat several times a day.  I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner just aren’t enough to sample all the intriguing, potentially  delicious things that are out there. So I’m all for a mid morning pastry in Paris or a afternoon tapa break in Barcelona.  And ice cream I’ll eat any time of day.

So imagine my delight to find the abundance of street food possibilities when we visited the town of Lijiang in south central China.  It’s a beautiful town of winding stone streets, flowing canals and dozens of foot bridges.

Back in Lijang-- taffy pullerIMG_5580

A man in the plaza pulls taffy hung on a post at a candy shop.  And an early morning vender sets out colorful balls filled with rice, corn on the cob, onion pancakes…

IMG_5378     IMG_5380

Several varieties of soups sit out on little individual hot plates ready to be tasted.  And a man sells hard cooked quail eggs from under a large pile of rice.

IMG_5375     Street food stands

I picked up a plate of my favorite green onion pancakes and strolled down the stone street lined with vendors selling skewers of meats, fried lotus root (yumm), moon cakes, noodles and stir fried tofu…  and so many foods I couldn’t identify.  It was a fascinating morning of culinary curiosities.


7 thoughts on “Street Food in Lijiang, China

  1. Looks like a great place to find good food – maybe you should come back and visit :] Really, we loved having you here, walking through the old city, past all that food with you was great fun!

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