Paris in Love

51RB-OsoB2L._AA160_Hi Book Buddies–  You know, some books are downright educational. You feel so very noble as you plow through them.  Some books pull you along by your emotions.  You are heart-warmed or terrified…  And some books are just plain fun.  Like this one.

Paris in Love is the memoir of Eloisa James, who scooped up her handsome Italian husband, Alessandro, and two growing kids to live a year in Paris.  She and her husband are both professors and took a sabbatical year, where she intended to pen a couple books.  All she managed, though, were her clever facebook postings home to friends, observations on food, fashion and family as they savored Paris.  In the end, she artfully edited these posts and “voila!”– we have the good fortune to read along.  Here’s are a couple of my favorite “posts:”

of the open market stalls she writes–   “I was staggered by a mound of fresh mushrooms, big and ruffled like hats for elderly churchgoing fairies. It was only when the “marchand de fruits” asked me if I was quite sure I wanted that many that I realized these particular fungus cost the same as our rent.”

“I asked if Alessandro would pick up some of the spectacular chocolate mousse made by a patisserie on the nearby rue Richer.  His response: “I thought you were on a diet.”  These seven words rank among the more imprdudent things he has said to me in the long years of our marriage.”

“A row of elegantly narrow dormer windows sprouts from the building opposite my study.  Sometimes a gaunt woman with beautiful cheekbones and sleek black hair pushes open her window and leans out, smoking and flicking the ashes onto the slate.  Today she wears a read dress and looks as if she belongs in an eighteenth-century novel in which heroines come to a bad end.”

There are more–snippets of a year, lived fully, appreciatively in Paris.  All delightful.  If you can’t have your own Parisian year, this might be the next best thing.

6 thoughts on “Paris in Love

  1. It’s so nice having someone you can trust doing a book review for you… I’m so glad I hired you! Haha!! Ahhh, how wonderful it would be to take a year sabbatical, or even a month! I think I’d go to a place that’s quiet & peaceful, either by the sea or in the mountains. …Sigh. I’ll have to check this book out now, thanks to you! 🙂

      • Most of the books I read are old… I love history so I guess that’s why I like the oldies… I have been planning on “featuring” some of them on my blog. I usually only read “new” books when they’re recommended by someone who’s read it. I think your idea of reviewing new books on your blog is great!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys it! 🙂

  2. HI again Daisy– I love old books too– especially the old kid’s books I read to my own children. And I agree, it’s worth a lot to have a recommendation from someone who has the same likes as you do for books!

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