Cambria with Kids

IMG_9750Hello all– I guess you know there’s few things a mom likes more than time with her kids.  Ours are scattered far afield, but this past weekend we met up in Cambria for windy walks, good meals, a little touristing and some late night Trivial Pursuit.  And stories.  I could listen to them go forever.  So here’s a few pics from our weekend away.  It was grand.

IMG_9790   IMG_9817.
IMG_9798   IMG_9797
We joined the cluster of tourists trundling up the hills to Hearst Castle, built almost a century ago to contain the architectural and art collections of of William Randolph Hearst–at points imposing, other moments beautiful and surrounded by views of velvety hills and the sea.

IMG_9858   IMG_9860
And you know I sure did enjoy sitting down to eat pretty meals that I didn’t have to cook.  We talked over plates of curry, baskets of sandwiches, servings of ham and eggs…

IMG_9869   IMG_9847
IMG_9838   387967_10151562100594665_402452245_n
The shores of middle California are rockier, more wild than our sandy, busy beaches down south.  We walked along the wooden boardwalk watching waves thunder in and joined the crowds peering down at the rows of lugubrious elephant seals.  And our windy sunset walk sent us scurrying along the cliffs.  So much beauty.

734628_10101925787852513_384436388_nThanks Old AA & Jessica, Ani & Brian and Laurel-Lu for making our weekend the best.

P.S.  thanks Larry & Ani for the photos I stole–good ones!


11 thoughts on “Cambria with Kids

  1. Time with our kids IS the best! What joy just being in their presence, with grand conversations, brings. So happy for your priceless time together!

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