Girls Day in the Mission –SF

Playground fence in the Mission neighborhood.

Hello all– After our stay by the sea last weekend, I couldn’t resist hopping in the car with Ani, Brian and Laurel for a short, short stay with them in San Francisco.  Just a day and a night, really.  So Monday we headed for a day in the Mission district of SF.  It’s a crazy mix of history and cultures, chock full of inventive people and intriguing shops and inviting flavors.

Taqueria Buen Sabor, picking up our picnic lunch    IMG_9898
We started our culinary adventure at one of Laurel’s old favorites–  Taqueria, El Buen Sabor.  Ani and I followed Laurel’s lead– and got the carnitas super taco, definitely to be eaten with a fork, not hands– overflowing with every delicious, fresh ingredient they had in the kitchen.

IMG_9903   Tartine Bakery --heavenly!
Since it was a sunshiny day we headed up the hill for a turn around Delores Park to check out the new playground and look across the city for views of downtown SF.  Then we wound down toward Valencia, by the Tartine Bakery.  I read recently of a SF chef who said her last meal would be a Morning Bun from Tartine.  I concur.

IMG_9904    IMG_7407
We passed by Bi Rite Grocers, that haven of all things delicious.  Ani showed me their new venue that offers, food classes and events.  She attended a pork butchering class there with her coworkers– and brought home fresh pork for dinners ahead.  I saw they are having a dessert “potluck” coming up.  I’d like to try that one!

IMG_9906.   IMG_9910
And since we were at Bi Rite, is was unavoidable that we would end up across the street at their house made ice cream shop.  Their salted caramel ice cream is notoriously good, but I opted for roasted banana (superb!) and peanut butter chocolate.

We also popped into several trendy shops, picked a new bakery to try our next visit.  And while Laurel checked in with her coworker at Photojojo, Ani and I sat and talked over big mugs of tea in a very SF coffee shop. Just what a mom loves.  I’d call it a fine full day with two adorable girls.

3 thoughts on “Girls Day in the Mission –SF

  1. Oh, Darren & Pam would be so jealous, you named several of their favorite SF places! Tartine’s being close to the top of those. During their 10 years in SF they lived in the Mission District and Delores Park was “their” park. We’ve been there many times. I know your heart was full of love after the visit with your bestest girls!
    I enjoy your recipes and have tried many of them. Keep ’em coming. 🙂 Thanks

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