38 Years! Really?

IMG_0133Hi all– Larry and I can scarcely believe we’ve been married so long.  Last night we headed down toward the coast for a 38th anniversary dinner. First, we stopped off at Balboa Island and took a pre-dinner walk along he perimeter in the cool damp evening, watching the lights on the water.  Then sat down at Mozza– created by Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton (my bread making hero)– antipasto, their perfect pizza, tartufo dessert with olive oil gelato and time to talk over glasses of prosecco.

IMG_0132So thankful to be married these years to my Larry.  Here’s 5 of the many reasons why:
#1.  He pushes me out of the kitchen to wash the dishes up every night (It could be         because he’s so much better at it than I am)
#2.  He fixes things I break–the car, the stapler, my computer…  (The list longer than you’d think)
#3.  He gives great “I’m home from work hugs” in the kitchen as he walks in the door in the evenings.
#4.  He’s continued to love me all these years, through pleasant chapters of our lives and difficult ones– and we’ve had enough of those.  I can count on him.
#5.  His faithfulness to God and love for Him, strengthen my faith year after year.

I am thankful.

8 thoughts on “38 Years! Really?

  1. Thank you, Lord, for creating such a beautiful and unique marriage in Larry & Rhonda!! We love to love them! And we praise You for giving them to each other and to us.

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