Spring_Sheet-15vbqr7“Oh, sweet spontaneous spring…”
  –e.e. cummings

Hi all– It’s really finally spring here.  The leaves are beginning to burst out on the maple trees and I picked a fistful of roses for a friend this afternoon.  There’s a lot of joy in spring, a lot of hope…  And we are patiently hoping/waiting for a new grand-baby next month.  More new life this spring…  so thankful.

thanks to blogs.cornell.org for the photo

4 thoughts on “Spring

    • Hi Debi– Our son Aaron and his wife Jessica in San Francisco are expecting May 19th. But I’m secretly hoping the baby is ten days late– that’s the birthday for Jessica and me too.

      • So very excited for you…and them…wouldn’t it be nice to have they baby born on your birthday…your comment reminds me of my dear mother in law…when I was pregnant with Brian my due date was May 15 and she kept hoping I would have him early…like in April so she could get a diamond for her beautiful mothers /grandmothers ring. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to have my baby that early…LOL. He was actually born May 17th…hoping for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for them…I know you must be excited to have a grand child a little closer to home.

        Warm hugs!

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