Hi there–  Babies!  They seem to be popping up everywhere.  I mean, I know people have always been having them (me included some time ago).  But lately we have SO many friends who are expecting grand-babies!  It seems there’s a weekly baby shower this spring.  It’s just lovely.  And did I already mention the sweetest baby of all of them is due to our Aaron & Jessica in May??  (oh, yes, of course I did).

Responding to a facebook post about raising babies, my friend Jenni wrote:

“The rearing of children can be your greatest life work and gift back to the rest of the human race. There are so many ways to do it “wrong” that it should only be tackled with great thought, consistent prayer and a rockin’ sense of humor!”

She has that right.

Well, here’s to babies.  Lord love ’em.
So thankful for all those little guys coming in to join the world…

P.S.  The photo is our grand-girl Josie, who lives in Shanghai, China.

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