Fun Food Finds in Chicago

IMG_0423Hello all– Last week in Chicago visiting our girl Laurel, we couldn’t help but run across food galore.  Here are some of our fun faves!

IMG_0497     IMG_0420Photos:  above–lemon lavender sandwich cookie from Milk & Honey.  Breakfast oatmeal at Swim Cafe.  Smoked gouda and Avocado on homemade wheaty bread at Milk & Honey.

IMG_0603     IMG_0414
Photos:  Thick spanish chocolate and hot churros at Xoco.  Bowls of silky noodles with with beef and veggies at Penny’s.

IMG_0493     IMG_0498
Photos:  Vegan “chicken”with kale, tofu with veggies and bright vegan tacos at Native Foods.  Leek and tomato breakfast bread pudding at Swim Cafe.

IMG_0520     IMG_0548
Photos:  Cubs game bratwurst at Wrigley Field.  Crazy big cannoli stuffed with smaller cannolis at D’amata’s Bakery.

IMG_0583     IMG_0368
Photos:  Take away box of fast food Chinese buns– whole wheat & edamame, teriyaki chicken, mongolian beef, bar-b-que pork, chocolate banana!  –from Bao Wow (love the name as much as the buns!)  Grainy-nutty morning pancakes from Filter Coffee Shop.

IMG_0619     IMG_0624
Photos:  Banana bread french toast with Foster sauce and candied banana and sugared pecans.  Chilliaquilles with chicken and scrambled eggs, topped with guacamole & queso fresco.  Both for brunch at Prasino.

We loved you Chicago, every delicious calorie, every nibble.  Thanks for all the good eating there Laurel!


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