Some Assembly Required– Anne Lamott

IMG_0746I did something I’ve never done before.  I’m usually content to wait for new books to show up at my library, but when I saw Anne Lamott’s new book, Some Assembly Required, in the airport bookshop, I could not resist picking it up for my trip!  I’m a fan of her non-fiction books and this one is about her first year of grandmother-hood.  A position I’ve been in myself.

It’s not a perfect book, but I find Lamott’s honesty and humor just as delicious as ever.  She writes in a journal format of the first twelve months of her grandson Jax life.  She’s candid about the young parent’s challenges (I wonder how they liked that) and wide open about her fears and joys in being Jax’ grandmother.  Lamott lays out her struggles with being the interfering parent– not always so successful in that.  And she wonders at the changes week by week in young Jax.  As always, she gives her offbeat spiritual insights and recognizes that life is not perfect.  I find her sweet, funny, wise and embarrrassingly true to who she is.

One quote from the book still rings in my head.  “Love looks a lot like kindness.”  I’m thankful Lamott is still writing about her off-kilter life.  There’s a lot to learn from this kind, if imperfect, woman.

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