Day in L.A.

Larry takes a few hiking pics as we trudge up the hillside to the Observatory.

Hi Everyone– You’d think that living near a big, beautiful, bountiful city, we’d be forever exploring the neighborhoods of Los Angeles.  But the truth is, we pretty much hole up in our comfy little suburb– until Ani & Brian came to stay.  Ani suggested a Saturday hike.  Larry tracked down his “Urban Hikes in L.A.” book.  And off we went.

IMG_1004     IMG_1029

IMG_1022      IMG_1025 We started out at Griffith Park– hiking through the leafy dell and up into the hills to the Griffith Park Observatory, past the “Hollywood” sign, looking down across the panorama of Los Angeles.  I was huffing (all uphill!), but happily enjoying the views.  We ducked into the observatory and had a little science morning…
(photos: Larry & Ani about to start off on our hike, view into L.A. from the Observatory terrace, ceiling of the entrance hall–with pendulum hanging, model of Galileo’s telescope)

IMG_1041     IMG_1049We stopped for a little post hike snack at “the Trails”–a sort of snack shake meets log cabin.  We sat under the trees sipping strawberry lemonade tea and munching on a lavender, mint, rosemary scone with lemon glaze.  So tasty. (photos: Finding our way up to “the Trails,” and cooling down under the trees)

IMG_1056     IMG_1053Then lunch!  We headed back down into the city to Canter’s– an old fashioned deli, open in Los Angeles since 1931.  We dug into pastrami and corned beef on sour rye bread–with piles of pickles and all those of mustard choices.  The decor is a bit 1950’s and the food nostalgically good.  (photos:  Three hungry eaters at Canter’s and Larry’s crazy Matzo Ball soup.)

IMG_1059     IMG_1063We drove through Hollywood, past crowds of tourists at Grauman’s Chinese Theater and tour buses on Hollywood Blvd.– And ended in Westwood to track down Diddy Riese, source of fabulous “design your own cookie ice cream sandwiches” (mine was a chocolate chip walnut cookie, a chocolate chocolate chip cookie cradling espresso chip ice cream!) and to stroll across UCLA for a little tour of the campus.   It was a fine full day.  Thanks Larry, Ani & Brian.  (photos:  cup full of ice cream sandwich–oh yumm and onto the UCLA campus…)

9 thoughts on “Day in L.A.

  1. What a fun-filled day! And the Matzo ball soup in the end looks so yummy! Rhonda, you’re a wonderful tour guide with terrific pictures and tips! I think we’re going try and duplicate your field trip (LOL)! Thank you! -Fauna ;o)

  2. Sounds like a fun day…we really do forget that LA has so much to offer. We are sort of rediscovering LA slowly with Kyle and Noel. Small fact: Ditty Riese is where Kyle and Noel first connected. At their wedding reception, instead of cake they were serving DR ice cream cookie sandwiches, but sadly someone forgot to double the cookie order (two cookies per guest in order to make a sandwich), hence they ended up serving a small bowl of ice cream with one cookie. I think everyone wondered what that was all about!

    • Hey Christine– I remember their wedding. It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies– and so much fun when their friends were talking at the reception. I’ll have to ask you for L.A. tips when I see you…

  3. Hi Genevieve!!– I didn’t know you went to UCLA– I thought you were a Bay Area girl always. The cookies are still cheap– $1.75 for two really fresh cookies and the ice cream in between.

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