Mom & Me & Mom– Maya Angelou

41QBWM5HOCL._AA160_Hello friends– It’s Mothers’ Day weekend.  And I had the treat most mother’s would love– a whole afternoon ensconced on the couch, book in hand,  with the backdoor open to a beautiful sunny day under the maples.  Just finished reading Mom & Me & Mom, the most recent memoir of Maya Angelou.  It’s a sweet book, even tender, although the people that populate the book and Angelou’s life would never be described as sweet.

When her marriage disintegrated, Angelou’s mother, Vivian Baxter, sent Maya and her brother Bailey off to live with a grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas.  They were 3 and 5 years old.  This story really begins as Maya and Bailey return to San Francisco to live again with their mother ten years later.  It’s the slow and winding path of reconciliation and trust rebuilt.  Vivian becomes the mother that Maya needs through some harrowing life circumstances.  She is an ambitious woman, honest and a petit person who loomed larger than life.  Vivian ran gambling establishments, carried a gun, was civic minded, spoke her mind.  But also loved, supported and guided Maya through a course of sometimes faulty choices and on to eventual success as an author, poet, professor.  She was the strong constant in Maya Angelou’s unfolding life.

It’s a book you can read in a day, pulling you quickly through the years.  The characters are rich, never boring. They’re not perfect, but very real.  It makes you glad to be a mother…

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