La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

IMG_4203Hi food lovin’ friends–  Just finished one of those “I can’t put it down” kinds of books–a mysterious set of characters and a dusty bookshop, set in 1950’s Barcelona.  So good! Great fun to recognize locations in the book and made me think of our walk through the “Boqueria” market there last summer.  All that beautiful bounty.  I was wishing we had a a kitchen at hand to make use of all that gorgeous food.   So we just took pics and had a few snacks along the way…

IMG_4217_2     IMG_4219
There were more beautiful cheeses than you can count– and my personal favorite– olives   of every shape, color and size.

IMG_6614     IMG_4201
We passed eggs galore and that most Spanish of meats, “Jamon Iberico,” cured ham– love that salty, flavorful stuff!

Aisles of colorful candies in imaginative shapes and bins full of every kind of nut.

Tubs of spices, common and exotic, to scoop into little bags.

IMG_6633     IMG_6613
Icy counters were full of the bounty of the Mediterranean–fish, cockells, clams…

IMG_4199     IMG_4240
Lots of chances to snack… Laurel with “Cataluna on a stick,” a sample of the regions best charcuterie.

IMG_4268Through the market and out onto the streets of Barcelona to find dinner on a quiet plaza in the cool of the evening…

Oh Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

  1. You take very lovely food photos! Chris and I were recently watching some of the X Games coverage in Barcelona. What a beautiful city!

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