Baby Mae


Well, hello to you you all– and the most heartfelt hello to our new grand-girl Mae, who came into the world on Tuesday, pretty and pink.  That tiny girl is blessed to have so many people who love her already, starting with her fine parents, Aaron and Jessica.

So I’ve been spending the last two days daydreaming of her life ahead– those first tentative smiles, coaxed first steps, silly songs and stories at bedtime.  She’ll learn to read, collect a circle of girlhood friends, find out who she is in the world.  There’ll be college, vocation, a wedding and family of her own someday.  I pray she’ll know God’s love and goodness through it all.

So much hope in that little bundle…

21 thoughts on “Baby Mae

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is beautiful! So precious! I can’t wait to have grandkids! I am so happy for you. I join you in your heartfelt prayer… “I pray she’ll know God’s love and goodness.”

  2. Our hearts can never be too full or crowded with the love and joy of God’s handy work yet again. Already unique and one of a kind! God’s richest blessings upon Grandma and Grandpa and Aaron and Jessica…wow…hold her close and snuggle for the rest of us from far away. 🙂

  3. How wonderful…looking forward to seeing pictures and memories of your joyful excursion. I am very excited for you. 🙂

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