The Prisoner of Heaven– Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Hi there reading buddies–  Oh gosh, I can’t remember when I’ve read I book that I could scarcely put down like this one– I read too late into the night last night, picked it up for ten minutes at recess time, read at stoplights in the car!!  It’s a page turner!

Daniel is alone in his family’s bookshop, Sempere & Sons, when a mysterious unruly stranger with a limp comes in the door.  His arrival sends Daniel and his coworker Fermin into a maze of secrets, stretching back to the Castle Montjuic, a prison of Franco’s  forces in the civil war of 1939.  The story is at moments tender, often terrifying and always intriguing.  It’s twists and turns will pull you along.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon has the skill to summon up the most intriguing characters and surround them with a strong sense of time and place, in this case 1950’s Barcelona.  I would recommend The Prisoner of Heaven to anyone who loves history or Spain, who gets attached to strong, admirable characters or to anyone who just loves a beguiling mystery.

2 thoughts on “The Prisoner of Heaven– Carlos Ruiz Zafon

  1. My goodness! What a great review! I’ve been keeping my eye out for good summer reads. I’ll definitely have to try this one!

  2. I just finished The Prisoner of Heaven. Thank you for the suggestion! I loved it, quite a tale, I am assuming there will be a sequel? Thanks, great read!

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