Trust Ahead


Hi all–  Got some disappointing news yesterday at school about my placement for next year.  I laid awake til after 2:30 rearranging everything in my head for the school year to come. It all seems so out of my ever-lovin’ control.

But thankfully, I ran across this quote today (thanks Pinterest!) and it shifted the mess into a whole clearer perspective.  I don’t know exactly how the year will play out, but I know who will walk with me through it.  God is good.


Corrie Ten Boom (1892-1983) — She and her family helped Jews hide and escape in the Netherlands during World War II and were eventually caught and sent to a prison camp.  She tells her story in the worthwhile book The Hiding Place.  

13 thoughts on “Trust Ahead

  1. I am sorry you are having to go through this uncertain time. Good thing is we all know that God will put you right where you need to be! Warm hugs!

  2. I will share this with Trish…she has a new assignment this next year also. Your blogs always come at just the right time !

  3. I haven’t had internet all week, so I just read this. I’ll be praying for you! It’s good to know that “All things work together for good…” Rom. 8:28 May the Lord fill your heart and mind with His peace.

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