Meeting Baby Mae



Hello all–  It’s a big weekend for Larry and me.  We’re up in SF to meet baby Mae, our new grand-girl.  She’s sweet and pinkish and squirms and coos just the way a grandmother adores.  We couldn’t love her more.

And Jessica’s parents (the other grandparents) are here from New York.  So we had a long leisurely breakfast together, talking about what an amazing grand daughter we share.  In a bit we’re all taking Mae out to lunch along with her Aunt Ani & Uncle Brian– that Mae is adorable.  This couldn’t be more fun!


8 thoughts on “Meeting Baby Mae

  1. So sweet…nothing better than grand children…enjoy every minute, Rhonda and Larry… and Jessica’s parents…time goes so fast…have to wrap yourselves around these great times!

  2. Thanks Ruth, Debi and Flora for letting show off my Mae’s picture– I’m just one of those hopeless grandma’s who ask all their friends to look at their darling grand-girl. You all are so kind.

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