Family Top Ten in San Francisco

IMG_7714Hi friends– We’re home.  After 6 fine days in San Francisco.  I was absolutely heart-warmed by all the time with our kids here.  Here’s our the top ten:

IMG_2190    photo    photo#1.  Getting acquainted with little baby Mae–lots of cuddles and imagining the grand little girl she’ll grow to be ahead…  #2.  Catching up with Mae’s other grandparents, Alfie and Karen, in from upstate New York to see Mae as well.  Kind, fun  people.

1011884_10151714067189238_28961794_n     1006119_10151714067239238_1585196797_n#3.  Watching Aaron and Jessica as new parents.  It’s the most tender, wonderful thing to see you kids walk into that new vocation with grace and all that joy (as well as the sleepless nights and diaper changes).

IMG_2123     IMG_2139#4.  Giving AA & J gifts for sweet Mae– a stack of favorite books and the gray checked quilt I’ve been beavering away on the last months.

IMG_2099     IMG_2205#5.  Sitting alone for an early morning breakfast, just me, my book and a cup of tea, in the breakfast room at the Hotel Drisco.  Perfect.  #6. Dinner at the Zuni Cafe with Larry and kids.  I’ve been wishing to go there for a long time.

992869_10151725421534238_1993870902_n     IMG_2245#7.  Quiet conversations with Aaron and Jessica over beautiful meals. In the picture, Aaron is showing me house remodel plans.  #8.  Grand day out with Ani, shopping and eating and talking all day…  Here she is on our stroll across the Cal campus.

tumblr_moohhahSjZ1qb9r7fo1_250  IMG_2250  IMG_2224  .
#9.  Trip up to Petaluma, across the Golden Gate and along the bay with a stop in the old city center for coffee and chocolate with Ani and Brian.  #10.  Getting to know Harry– Ani and Brian’s new adopted pet– the sweetest dog in SF.

9 thoughts on “Family Top Ten in San Francisco

  1. What fun! Baby Mae is just beautiful and that lovely quilt you made will keep her nice & warm. Enjoyed the pictures, great post! Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with us 🙂

    • Yep Lulu, it was a great longish weekend with those kids. Harry is a sweet dog– comes up and puts his head on my lap for some snuggles. I love his cockeyed ear that always sticks up so cute!

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