Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie


Hey there–  Found this recipe that makes good old banana cream pie even better!  Add in rich dark chocolate and amber rum.  How’s that?  Took it to a friend’s house for dinner.  So I’m sad to say I only got to eat one piece. Creamy, rich, with that happy cooperation of banana and chocolate and the crumbling shortbread crust.  Oh mama!  I’ll have to find a reason to make another one again soon…

10 oz. shortbread cookies*
5 oz. butter melted
2 oz. bittersweet dark chocolate, cut into bits
2 cups whole milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
4 egg yolks
2 tab. butter, cut into smallish pieces
2 tab. amber rum
1 tsp. vanilla
2 bananas
1 cup whipping cream**
1 tsp. vanilla instant pudding
1 tab. powdered sugar
chocolate shavings

IMG_2456Smash the shortbread cookies to crumbs (in a food processor or just just squished in a plastic bag with a rolling pin).  Mix the crumbs together with the 5 oz. of melted butter and press them into a 9 or 10″ pie pan.  Stick this in the freezer to set while you make the custard.

Put the dark chocolate bits in a heat proof bowl and set aside.  To make the custard, put the milk, sugar, corn starch and egg yolks into a pan.  Stir it up with a whisk continually over medium high heat until it thickens, 4 or 5 minutes.  (Beware–do not overcooks this or you’ll have an eggy mess.  Trust me, I know how that goes!)

Then scoop 1/2 cup of the custard into the bowl with the chocolate.  Add 1 tsp. vanilla and 1 tab. of the cream and stir it up.  Spread it over the cold crust and pop it into the fridge (not freezer)

To the remaining custard, stir in 2 tab. butter and rum.  Stir it up and put it in the fridge for an hour– stirring occasionally.

IMG_2446To put it all together.  Beat the remaining whipping cream with the pudding mix and powdered sugar.  Slice the bananas in cute little circles evenly over the chocolate in the crust.  Layer on the custard. The spoon the whipped cream over the top. Stick it in the fridge for 20 or 30 minutes to set up.  Garnish with chocolate shavings just before you serve it to hungry, happy  friends.

*I used pecan sandies for the crust
**If you keep the whipping cream cold and stick your beaters in the freezer for a few minutes before you beat the cream, it will set up easier.


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