Great Eight in Shanghai

IMG_2902Hello friends– Back from two weeks with Micah, Jodi and the 3 grand-girls in Shanghai.  It was an exciting trip all around, but here are eight great memories of our trip…

IMG_2610     IMG_2664#1.  Seeing the family all lined up waiting at the airport–hugs all around!  #2.  Watching Micah and Jodi parent those girls– they know how to have fun together.

IMG_2785     IMG_2773#3.  Hiking, swimming and enjoying the cooler days in the bamboo forest of the mountains outside of Shanghai.

IMG_2974     IMG_2658#4.  Lots of high stakes UNO games- winner gets an M&M!!   #5.  Micah’s mail order science lessons in the afternoons with his girls.

IMG_3187     IMG_3384#6.  A morning at the fantastical mall playground– lots of bouncing, swinging, building fun for kids and their grandmas.  #7.  Watching Charlotte leap and twirl at her ballet lesson.

IMG_3031    IMG_2820    IMG_2651   #8.  Getting reacquainted with with the 3 bright and bouncy grand-girls and hopefully making memories for them of their time with grandma and grandpa.

Thanks Micah and Jodi for all the good talks, the intriguing meals, the outings to so many interesting places, and all that girl fun.  It was a wonderful stay that we’ll never forget!!

13 thoughts on “Great Eight in Shanghai

  1. Lovely photos and what cute little girls they are!! I am glad you have lots of fun swimming, hiking and bonding with the girls. Thanks so much for sharing. Wish you a great weekend, ahead.

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