Good Times at Big Bear

photoHi friends– Back from a weekend up in the mountains with our Ani and Brian.  Larry’s folks have a tidy little cabin up there surrounded by tall pine trees and cool breezes.  We mostly hiked or sat on the deck, reading and talking.  And, of course, we happily ate our way through the weekend.  Love time with our kids.

IMG_3562     IMG_3601We took a couple mountain walks– above the town on a hiking path and down on the boardwalk along the lake at the end of the afternoon.

IMG_3543     IMG_3582A A weekend at the cabin is just great–in a quiet sort of way.  No rush, easy meals, sitting out back with the wind whispering through the tall pines.

IMG_3575     IMG_3544    .   .   .  We always manage to eat well with Ani & Brian.  My “fave” is picnic lunch out on the deck.  We sat and ate and talked into the afternoon.  And I had the most beautiful blueberry waffle at the Teddy Bear Cafe– but unfortunately I hungrily gobbled it down before I remembered to take picture to show you!  (and it was blueberry delicious!)

IMG_3565     IMG_3542It’s a restoring couple days, getting away from the hurry of home to the tranquility of tall trees and open spaces.  The biggest decisions of the day are if you want to read or take a nap or perhaps, where to walk for dinner.

IMG_3591     IMG_3553Thanks Ani & Brian for making the trek down south and spending a fine weekend up at the Big Bear cabin.  It was just grand to be with you.

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