San Francisco Great Eight

IMG_4185A view across the water to the Bay Bridge late one night in San Francisco.

Hi friends– If you have already read too many posts about SF on this blog, feel free to skip right on over this one– because here I go again.  I just love, love time with our kids up there and want to remember all the sweet moments.  I do read these things over and over to relive all the fun–my little bloggy scrapbook.  So here is the “great eight” of my week in San Francisco:

IMG_4080     IMG_3991IMG_3999     IMG_4018    #1. One sunny morning I set off alone on a 5 hour walk, down through the cozy houses of the Sunset, the length of Golden Gate Park, past Stowe lake, through wooded glens, up to the glass conservatory, then to Cole Valley for lunch and down bustling Irving Street with a stop for reading and a sweet blueberry mini pie.

IMG_4093     IMG_4248
IMG_4105     IMG_4116     #2.  Ani’s day off, we headed downtown for a “girls’ day out–”  Started off at the new Yelp offices where she’ll be working starting next week.  The best taco lunch was followed by a stroll down to the Ferry Building for a little shopping.  then we circled around to Samovar for tea and scones with terrific city views.

IMG_3951     IMG_3950     IMG_3955.
#3.  Loved the couple great meals at Bar Jules with Jessica, Aaron and baby Mae.  I especially like it’s changing concise blackboard menu, the bowls of fresh produce on the counter, the cooking bustle in plain view.  If I could start a restaurant (my secret day dream), it would look a lot like Bar Jules. Thanks AA & J.


IMG_3965     IMG_4208#4.  If you know me, then you know one of the best parts of any trip to SF is cuddling our new baby Mae.  She’s nearly three months old and we couldn’t love that girl more.  I had my first chance to read her a book!! Now that was fun!

IMG_4327    IMG_4161 IMG_4163.


#5.  We had the happy coincidence of visiting SF the same week as Jessica’s sis and her family from New York.  Great to catch up with Jaci and Dave, two of the dearest people around– and to spend an adventurous night out at the Exploritorium with their 2 boys.



IMG_4196     IMG_7732

IMG_4221     IMG_4227#6.  Thursday Aaron, baby Mae and I drove over to Wise Sons Delicatessen for a quiet lunch, followed by a downhill walk, strollering Mae along the bay to watch the bobbing boats and kite surfers.  Nothing better than a good walk & talk with one of my kids.  Just what a mom loves.

IMG_4125     IMG_4156#7.  Ani, Brian, Harry the dog and I headed to Golden Gate Park with a stop on the way at the Wooly Pig Cafe to pick up super sandwiches and some bacon/maple taffy for dessert.  Harry had big fun running to his heart’s content across the grass and we just sat and soaked up the sunshine.

IMG_4291     IMG_4299
IMG_4309     IMG_4311    #8.  At the end of the week, Larry drove on up to join us.  Saturday we walked down for coffee and just kept on walking to the ocean, along the cliffs, through neighborhoods and back across the park for home.  Brian’s phone, which tracks his every step, told us our morning coffee walk ended up being 7.5 miles!  Last photo, Harry ran ahead and waited for us at the front door.  Welcome Home!

All in all, it was a marvelous, memorable week.  Thanks Brian, Ani, Aaron, Jessica and baby Mae for all the good times together…

12 thoughts on “San Francisco Great Eight

  1. I LOVE your mini blogging scrapbook! I live a little vicariously through the wonderful walks, your artist’s eye for beauty (the photos are so marvelous!) & all y’all’s adventures in eating. My, oh my, that baby Mae is glorious – I’d love to nibble her chubby cheeks and blow kisses on her neck. (Though Jessica might object to this unknown woman’s lust for baby flesh, so I’d have to restrain myself). I’m so grateful to know you and yours a little better, dear friend . . . please keep The Thankful Heart comin’. : )

  2. I agree with Luanne…I absolutely LOVE your blog and especially your travels to SF. Next time I go, I am just going to print all your ideas and hopefully enjoy it like you do! Rick Steve’s has nothing on you! Thank you for sharing your times with us all!

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