Watermelon & MInt

IMG_4409Hi there–  School starts tomorrow.   Good-bye lazy summer (sigh).  So to see summer out, we had friends come and join us for tacos last night.  Our narrow table was full to the brim with bowls of carnitas, beans & rice, of peppers, salsas & cheese…  So to sweeten up the menu, we also had a big bowl of watermelon, cold and summery.  This couldn’t be simpler.  I’m almost embarrassed to send it off as a “recipe.”  But it’s delicious, so here it is:

1 medium watermelon cut into chunks (10 -12 cups, more or less)
2 tablespoons of mint leaves, cut to bits
a few shakes of salt.

Mix is all together.  And make sure it’s served ice cold straight from the fridge.  That’s it.
So easy & so good.

8 thoughts on “Watermelon & MInt

  1. This is such a gorgeous combination. It’s one of my favourite Summer salads, though I normally add a bit of sliced Spanish onion, some olive oil and crumbled Persian feta. Beautiful photo too xx

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