Women Reading

Georges d’Espagnat (1870-1950), Liseuse sur un canapé

Hello Fellow Readers– In art and life– women reading books is one of my favorite themes.  I realized this when I noticed that on our living room gallery wall there were three prints that included women reading books.

Here’s just one of them hanging there– “The New Novel” by Winslow Honer (1836-1910)

So imagine my delight when I happened across a tumblr that was dedicated to paintings old and new, as well of photographs of just that, women reading books.  It makes you wish you could sit and ask each one about who they are and what they are reading…


tumblr_msb34rnYBD1qlc0voo1_500       tumblr_ms1wyg4kJg1qdfxqjo1_1280       tumblr_mfdm7t72ZG1rywysso1_500-1
Grace Kelly reading;  source: etoiles-rouge via whispering teacups; and Rene Burri photo
tumblr_mpflwcz8xm1s22suro1_400.     .     .     .     .     .     .from the tumbler– womenreading.tumblr.com     .     .     .     .     .     .

4 thoughts on “Women Reading

  1. Lovely pictures Rhonda…you need to have a photo taken of yourself reading to add to this glorious gallery of gals! Seriously! Then you must post it 🙂 Perhaps a set of you reading to the grand gals!

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