The Great Grandparents in San Francisco

IMG_7725Hello friends–It was up to San Francisco last weekend to see baby Mae–with her 3 great grandparents in tow.  Enjoying it all with my mom and Larry’s folks, I want to say the whole trip was big fun.  Here’s a few of the highlights:

IMG_4868     1234558_10151955590189665_66417278_nLittle Mae was all smiles when she met the great grandparents for the first time.  And there were plenty of photos of this happy meeting!

IMG_4855     9835_10151715043292639_1952690185_n-1
IMG_4931     IMG_4929We had some beautiful meals and good times talking around the table– sunny breakfasts with Ani & Brian.  Family dinner Saturday night with Aaron & Jessica.

IMG_4910     IMG_4936
IMG_4894     IMG_4906
Aaron and his Grandpa Stu spent an afternoon pouring over the architectural plans for the remodel of their house.  We met up with Jessica’s friendly folks (even more grandparents for Mae!) who were out on a roadtrip from upstate New York.  There was an incredible pizza lunch out on the town followed up by the obligatory ice cream cone.

IMG_4860It was a grand old time with all these grandparents (and great-grands) in town.  And baby Mae was as adorable as ever!  Thanks Mom and Helen & Stu.  You’re terrific travel buddies!


7 thoughts on “The Great Grandparents in San Francisco

  1. What a wonderful gift all around for the grandparents and grandchildren! I was lucky enough to grow up knowing 5 of my great-grandparents and I remember them all fondly. 🙂

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