Mini Vacay with Laurel

Hi all–  Laurel and I have had a few rollicking vacations together.  There was the touristy food-filled August in Portland.  And that 4 day cross country road trip from Chicago to Socal,  when she found every historic sight from the St Louis Arch to the Indian Museum in Gallup to the “blizzard” at the Gand Canyon as we made our way down route 66.  But my favorite was our birthday trip Dublin, Paris, Spain– fabulous food, miles of walks through museums and lots of back alley exploring…  Yep, she’s the best travel buddy around.

So when she came home this week for her high school reunion, we slipped in a quick sunny day of mini-vacation down by the beach.  It was grand.

IMG_0167     imageWe set off walking across Balboa Island, past bobbing boats and the adorable houses.

IMG_0188     IMG_0172Then we hopped on the ferry to cross the channel over to the beach. That 10 minute ride on the water truly makes me feel like I’m on vacation!

IMG_0176     image

IMG_0179     IMG_0181We trekked out onto the Balboa Pier to have a late huevos rancheros breakfast up on the rooftop of Ruby’s, watching the dolphins arc through the water and talking non-stop.

IMG_0192     imageThen we ferried back to the Island, strolled down the shopping street with a stop at an old favorite sweets store.  Thanks Laurel-Lu for day out and about.  Loved it.  Love you.

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