Orange Olive Oil Cake with Chocolate Ganache

IMG_5390Hi all– We were sitting in a old fashioned diner with Laurel, over hamburgers and onion rings, and, of course, were talking about food.  Larry started on with his list of “perfect foods.”  It began with banana splits (on the diner menu) and went on to peanut butter, Snickers bars and bananas themselves.  I asked him what made them “perfect” and she thought a minute and said, “They’re simple but unexpectedly good.”

I’m not sure I quite understand.  But it made Laurel and I remark on “perfecct foods” that crossed out paths all that weekend.  And on the sweet side of things, I would have to pick “cake”  Such a short, tidy little word, cut it holds all sorts of possibilities.  Usually there’s a lovely flavor involved and in my mind, there needs to be frosting.  This is a delicious cake that fits my “cake” criterion.


1 large orange
2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tsp. vanilla
1  1/4 cup flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt

Grate the peel off of the orange and then juice the orange.  Set these aside.  In a bowl, cream together the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer.  Then blend in the olive oil, vanilla, orange peel and 3 tablespoons of the orange juice (save leftover juice for ganache).  Finally mix in the flour, baking powder and salt.

Spoon it all into a 9″ cake can sprayed with cooking spray and bake it up at 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes, until it’s slightly browned and firm to the touch.

1/2 cup whipping cream
2 tab. butter
1 tab. orange juice
8 oz. chocolate chips (1 1/3 cup)
orange slice/mint leaf for garnish

Bring the cream and butter to a simmer in a pan on the stove top.  Take it off the heat and stir in the orange juice and chocolate until it’s all melted together.  When the cake is cooled spread the ganache all over the top.

It’s rich enough, doesn’t need whipped cream or ice cream on top.  Enjoy!!

21 thoughts on “Orange Olive Oil Cake with Chocolate Ganache

  1. I LOVE orange and chocolate together! This cake did not disappoint.. and it smelled so good when you served it! I am so lucky I got to taste it! I will definitely be trying this recipe! thanks Rhonda!

  2. ok its in the oven – resisted all tries to change the recipe – orange flower water, almond meal, semolina flour, cointreau, resisted them all – sad to say the cake is sunk in the middle -must have got the temperature wrong, hm, hope it doesnt impact the taste, I will keep you posted 🙂

  3. Hi Rhonda – well I toyed with changing your recipe but I thought NO I will be strong – wanted to see it as you wrote it, and despite my protestations that we don’t bring stuff when we are going over to friends houses for dinner I admit I have made your cake and have covered the dip with chocolate 🙂 and am taking it over there for dinner – I admit I did make one small tweak, I feel you will approve – I added a quarter cup of chocolate chips to the batter!

      • hi Rhonda – cake went down well, chocolate chips sank to the bottom and made a chocolate crisp bottom which was fine, the batter was quite thin, flavour was great, chocolate orange ganache was great, nice texture but turned out a bit dry I thought. Although nobody else did. Is the cake more dry or is yous moist? Thx Polianthus

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