Lulu Days–Favorite Five

IMG_5753Hello all– When my sister Lulu (more commonly known as Luanne) comes into to town we have more fun!!  She and her Ted live in Kosovo (you may have to look it up on a map.  I did.) and having her here 2 weeks left me jumping up and down excited.
So here is my Lulu Top Five.  There’s no one more fun than that girl.  She is the best!

IMG_5549    .
#1.  I have to say that my all time favorite thing to do with my sis is work together in the kitchen.  Most nights, while she was here we’d chop and stir and talk our way through making dinner.  We are “kitchen-twins”– I know just how she does things and we can really turn out fun food!


IMG_5636     IMG_5654#2. Lulu made the trip to be here for her son Brett’s wedding.  We spent some busy days shopping for supplies, sewing up tablecloths, making cakes…  All that exciting

1457646_10201638604380362_885213209_n Gj-_PrZLdhLkEMOeZwkqLEnelFINbJmOLykHu9lMKGE,HfPuFBlKkVNFJBvAtGJZ5zdNuLNm6jkNz9Efj-91hkk#3. And the wedding!  Brett and Susie were happily wed and it was a sweet family time celebrating together.  Lulu got a hug from her new daughter-in-law!

IMG_5782     IMG_5783#4.  From the time Lulu and I were old enough to save up an allowance, we’d make our lists and do our Christmas shopping together.  We have a routine.  Up early for pancakes, we sit in the restaurant, review our lists and map our our store route.  We shop intrepidly with a lunch stop, of course, and when the stores close, we collapse for a well earned dinner–two bowls of Islands tortillas soup.  Our goal is to finish Christmas shopping in one fun-filled , talk-a-thon day!

IMG_5749     IMG_5764

IMG_5770    IMG_5767#5.  And before she left, we managed a day, just the two of us, down to the beach.  Blue skies, cute beach cottages, squawking sea gulls, a ride across the back bay on the ferry and, or course, our afternoon Balboa ice cream bar.

There’s no one like by sister, Lulu– kind and generous with an easy laugh and always happy to help with anything.   I miss you girl, now that you’re back in Kosovo!!  When will have some more days together?

3 thoughts on “Lulu Days–Favorite Five

  1. Oh dear Rhonda! How lucky is Lulu to have you as a sister!!! I LOVE these pictures, and these memories! I never had a sister, and I love hearing about the sweet, precious relationship you have. Thanks, Rhonda, once again for blessing me !

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