Thinking It Through

IMG_6890Hello friends–  Well, I’ve been thinking for quite a while about taking a blog break.  I’ve been typing away here for well over 5 years and have loved, loved doing it. But I guess by the time you’re 61 years old, you ought to know you time is not unlimited.  I’m feeling the call to take better care of people around me, to make a meal for a friend and have time to sit and pray together, to chip in when there is a need for help. I want those hours to love and serve God more fully as well.  It’s been pulling on my heart and mind for a long time.

So I’m taking a break for a few weeks– to think through all how I spend the coin of my life.  To know how I should best be filling my days…

I’m heart-warmed when this sets me to thinking about people who have been readers here.  I’m thankful to you all– especially to LeAnn and Ruth, Flora and Shawna who leave constant nuggets on encouragement on my posts.  I’m thankful to have connected back with Debi– love seeing her grand-girls and getting her editing tips!  xoxo to Laurel for recommending recipes on Facebook and reading all my posts!  And to my blog buddies– Daisy in Georgia, Marisa in Sweden, Suzanne in Brooklyn, Polinathus on the Swiss border, Daniela in Arizona, Sophie in Belgium, Sonya in Singapore, Kristen in Utah, Seana in Washington…  Thanks for all your kind words.  They kept me going.  And I’ll be reading your posts ahead day by day…

photo above:  Larry and I at Grand View park overlooking San Francisco

28 thoughts on “Thinking It Through

  1. We will miss you, Rhonda! I love that we have reconnected too…and I love that our food tastes are similar and I have gotten so many great recipes here. Praying that all is well with you and wishing you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas. I hope we will hear from you soon…


    • hi Debi– I’ll be seeing you on Facebook with your adorable grand-girls. And after Christmas, we should get some old friends together to eat and talk… Hope you have a sweet Christmas time with your family.

  2. I’ll definitely miss your posts but what a wise decision – I feel like I’m just beginning to learn my limits, I have strong women of faith like you to look to in how to do things like that! I’ve been making a lot of recipes from your blog lately and am so happy there are still many for me to try – they’re all so yummy! Little Penny loves them too. 🙂

    Blessings on your break!

    • Thanks Melanie– Hope we cross paths one Christmas– I know it will be a big one for Penny since she’ll really take it all in this year! God bless and keep you in your pregnancy and all you have ahead…

  3. Oh how I’m going to miss this, Rhonda. I love the recipes; but I love your thoughts and nuggets of life lessons you share as well. And I LOVE following you on a trip to see your kiddos! Bless you, friend. Jacque

  4. Der Rhonda – I truly understand what a wise thing to consider, love the phrase “your coin of life” – love reading your thoughts and recipes and hope you’ll just go into a more sparse posting mode, say once monthly 🙂 but whatever your decision, it has been a true pleasure reading your blog and seeing the photos of your many creations.
    All the best Polianthus

  5. You will be missed Rhonda, I look forward to your delicious recipes, beautiful photography and really interesting posts. You will come back if so led. Maybe every now and then you will do a blog post. It has been wonderful and a real inspiration reading your blog.

  6. We all need to take a break sometimes. I wish you all the best during the “thinking period” and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends during the holiday season. Best Wishes!

  7. Enjoy your break. I have been amazed that you have been able to do a post every day with all of your other responsibilities of working, family, ministry, etc. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. I rarely leave a message, but I look at your blog regularly, Rhonda. Have tried several of your recipes, all with yummy results. I especially enjoy the photos. Makes me want to leave work and run home to throw ingredients together. I always give my neighbors loaves of fresh-baked bread at Christmas. This year, I’m going to give them your Cranberry Bread, along with a small bowl of your cream/cheese/orange marmalade spread. I do hope you return to your blog. You certainly have a ministry there, as evidenced by all the folks who find inspiration through your thoughtful notes and lip-smacking recipes.
    Merry Christmas! Sandy

  9. Rhonda, you are so generous. I am going to selfishly miss reading your frequent postings, but I know it’s time for others to benefit from your generous spirit. Plus, I’m lucky enough to see you just about everyday at school. Have fun and I hope your devoted readers get to hear all about your doings later:)

  10. I’ll certainly miss reading your posts too! I understand how time consuming (and fun!) keeping up to date with the blog can be. I started out with great intentions to post 2-3 times every week. That didn’t last long… after only a few months I found posting once a week was far more realistic for me. Hope you have a nice break Rhonda! 🙂

  11. Dear Rhonda ~ Blessings to you as you rest and refocus on God’s plan for you. I have loved every delicious recipe, picture, family event, book recommendation, and all your thoughtful words of wisdom. I have been uplifted, encouraged and enriched. We have all received a genuine sense of being your closest friend and kindred spirit. Thank you for sharing with all of us from your overflowing, warm and thankful heart.

    p.s. perhaps you could post a once a month meal 🙂

  12. I will truly miss your posts, and… you! Somehow even though we’ve never met, I feel like we’re friends. Your wisdom, your recipes, book reviews, family trips, all of it – I so enjoy it. I understand completely where you are coming from. I, too, have so many things on my “agenda” that I cannot post as often as I’d like, so, I decided last year I would just post whenever I could, and not worry about doing it on a “regular” basis. That took a lot of the pressure off and now it’s just fun. I pray that the Lord will refresh, restore, and renew you as you take this time off. May He guide you and make His will clear to you as you seek Him. I will miss you, my friend. Daisy (from Florida for now) 🙂

    • Thanks Daisy– I love your blog for just those same reasons. I think I”m coming to the same conclusions– posting again, but less than before, keeping time for all that’s dear and important…

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