Back at it…

Hello there blog friends– I’ve been missing you all this last month. Took a little blogging break.  Time to step back to think why, and what, and how, I should be sitting here sending out posts to you all.  And what other things I should be doing to fill the life I’ve been given…  I think I know now.  So I’m back.  And glad of it.

Here’s howI spent the weeks away…

IMG_6499     Christmas Eve lunch with Jenon and the grandparents.
There was a cozy, quiet Christmas with the family–kids, parents & my dear friend Jenon.

A man and his dog     Along the lake
Afternoon walks with old Harry (our kids’ fluff ball of a dog).

photo bomb!     Christmas night tapas
Cooking up our favorite– Spanish tapas dinner with my girls to eat on the coffee table by the fire.  Laurel makes a killer tortilla ( potato omelette).

IMG_6537And helping Ani get started making her first quilt for a friend–shopping, cutting, stitching…
And there were friends in for New Years, lots of lazy reading on the couch, a bit cupboard clean-out, getting back to school with my cute kids –and all that time, glorious time, to think about how to use well the days of the year ahead.  It was lovely.  Thank for coming back to read with me again…

10 thoughts on “Back at it…

  1. So, so, so happy to see you back! Missed getting new dinner ideas and of course hearing about you beautiful family! Thanks for coming back!

  2. So thrilled you are back! You were greatly missed!!!! By the way, did I tell you we made over 20 loaves of your cranberry bread for Christmas, to give…and to eat!!! Everyone loved it! And I loved telling everyone that the recipe came from Trisha’s precious next door neighbor! xxoo

    • 20 loaves!! You were busy! I make mine in some rusty trust old pans that belonged to Grandma Rose– I know you have lots of memories of her… Thanks for reading Andi– love running into you at Trisha’s.

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